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History of AMK Loket

October 1972
AMK Loket foundation, 38 constitutive members, Mr Kornatovsky first chairman, also Mr František Bednář alias Ježíšek must not been forgotten, who with his immense enthusiasm at first managed to hold World Championship in Holice, where he had to move from Sokolov in 1952. Later in 1972 he stood at the birth of AMK Loket
the first course layout was made by Mr Milan Pavlíček, at that time the first captain of the Czechoslovak representation for Six Days Trophy, by Mr Drahoslav Miarka, at that time the employee of ČSAD Sokolov, by Mr Jaromír Holý, the Czechoslovak representative for Six Days Trophy, by Mr Josef Mičan from RH Prague and by Jaroslav Faflík from Loket, who is an active member of AMK Loket and the chief of the track
First race in the new race course on 16.5.– regional championship of former West Bohemia region called "The Golden Shield Of The Town Loket" . The winner of the first race in Loket was Jan Pošvář from AMK Cheb with ČZ 250 motorbike
the race area was fenced, the new stand for spectators was built, the area of the course was partially soused
the first starting system, wooden objects for medics, press center were built, the sound system in the track area was extended and the stand above the finishing point was completed
for the first time there were hold two races: in May "The Golden Shield Of The Town Loket" and in September the first year of the race called: "Challenge miner´s cup"
other improvement of the facilities of the course prepared conditions for the homologation for holding of the champions races
First free international race hold by FIM as 5th year "Challenge miner´s cup"
the last 12th year of the race "The Golden Shield Of The Town Loket", because Vratislav Sedláček won for the third time and gained the price indefinitely
The first year of the race: "The Grand Prix of Carlsbad Porcelain"
The first international junior ( up to 23 years) team competition, the participation of 8 countries, Italian team was the winner
the last 14. year of the "Challenge miner´s cup"
new starting system with 40 places according to FIM rules built, the length of the course was extended up to 2018 m, 16 curves, maximum gradient 21%, maximum downhill grade 19%, minimum track width 6m, racers pass increased up to 40
the ČSFR Championship in 125 and 80 cc was held
FIM course homologation, creating basic conditions for international races in categories from 60cc to 500cc and sidecars
the last 9. year of the race "The Grand Prix of Carlsbad Porcelain"
first European Championship - class 250 cc, 49 riders from 13 countries attended these races
last common Czech and Slovak Championship in 85 cc and 125 cc categories
2nd European Championship race in 125 cc category, the attendance of 70 riders from 14 countries
first International Championship of Czech Republic in 85 cc category, embedded race by European Championship, the attendance of 18 riders from 3 countries
sidecar European Championship – 6th race from the 7 – pieces serie, the attendance of 21 crews from 4 countries
first World Championship race - class 500 cc, 4th race from the 12- piece series, the attendance of 65 riders from 3 continents and record-reaking 19 countries
historically most extensive modifications of the course and technical facilities were made before this World Championship race. There were built new jury and press center buildings, two underpasses for visitors, the paddock area was extended and also the starting plain was made wider
World Championship race - class 250 cc, the attendance of 52 riders from 4 continents and 18 countries
the track was further improved with two jumps, new tunnel was created from the paddock, foot bridge for visitors was built, tower for timekeeping and local radio in the finish area was restored, new electric cables and radio facilities were installed, in paddock new washing boxes were prepared
the first championship of Local sport centers in all categories
new asphalt surface around jury and press center buildings and on the neighbouring parking was made
first water distribution system around the track for watering when dusty weather was installed
World Championship in 500 cc category, the other enlargement of paddock was carried out
WM in 250 cc category, signaling zone for mechanics was set up, by the request of the promoter Mr Luongo the finish was removed to the straight next to the jury building
the pilot test of new organization of Word Championship was realized the races of all three categories were hold on the same place in 5 racing tracks. Loket was among the seven countries, where only one race was hold
World Championship in sidecarcross, in terms of FIM rules the track was shortened to 1953 m, the other parameters stayed the same
another track shortening was made in terms of FIM rules
World Championship races of all categories (so-called Triple race)
adjusted waiting zone in terms of FIM rules, the new parking was built next to the entry to the area, extended banisters and new wooden fences for the public area limitation and constraints for riders safety, local watering systém was enlarged
for Word Championship competition the jury room was transferred into the building in the paddock. The press center was extended into tho former jury room
overall 8th race in 125 cc, 250 cc and 500 cc was held in Loket
The International Championship of the Czech republic – PAP OIL CUP, Forsage s.r.o. Brno was the promoter, the races in 125, 250 and old timer categories
The International Championship of the Czech republic – PAP OIL CUP, Forsage s.r.o. Brno was the promoter, the races in 1250, 250 and old timer categories
new V.I.P. stand, new constraints along the track from the wooden fence pieces, new bulk-cargo tank for track watering was added.
World Championship in MX1 (two-stroke 175 – 250 cc bikes and four stroke 290 – 450 cc bikes) and 2 (two stroke 100 – 125 cc bikes and 175 – 250 cc bikes)
new foot bridge for the public in the crossing of the track with the path, where riders arrive at the waiting zone, the track delimitation was set up in terms of valid FIM rules
The International Championship of the Czech republic – PAP OIL CUP,, the races in 125, old timer and open categories
it was already 10th World Championship in Loket, MX1 and MX2
The International Championship of the Czech republic – PAP OIL CUP,, the races in 125, old timer and open categories
World Championship in MX1 and MX2 categories, the course undergone fundamental changes before the races , mechanic zone was removed, in terms of valid FIM rules the track was shortened to today´s 1586m
The International Championship of the Czech republic – PAP OIL CUP,, the races in 125, old timer and open categories
Word Championship in MX1 and MX2 categories, the area of former forest above the track, which was heavily destroyed during the storm in July 2005, was used
new guest parking and paddock area built, including water electricity and sanitary facilities, safety zones between the track and public area according to FIM rules extended, track watering system completed including new water borehole in the storage tanks area
9. – 10. 2008
12th race of World Championship in MX1 and MX categories
starting device for 40 riders was modified and transfered, the crossing over the track was liquidated and replaced with the new subway crossing due to extension of boxes for mechanics. Also new large parking for riders in the area upon the race course including washing boxes and new tunnel for riders arriving at the track were built
14th round of the MX1/MX2 Motocross World Championship
as fundamental the extension of the tunnel for riders entry was built, the fences,banisters and barriers around the motocross premises was repaired having regard for riders safety and also the automation of course watering has been done