Grand Prix České republiky 2015 | Motocross Loket | AMK Loket

TRAININGS: CLOSED | Opening days: WED (13:00 - 18:30), SAT (09:00 - 12:00 a 13:00 - 17:00).

MXGP, MX2 World Championship

Be a witness of one of the most prestigious and biggest motorsport events in Czech Republic in 2015! Visit motocross areal Loketské serpentiny in Loket town, where Motocross FIM world championship in MXGP and MX2 categories will take place during 25 - 26th of July, 2015. Come to support and see the best pro riders in the world.

Women's MX + EMX300 + EMX150 Races

During this year´s MXGP and MX2 races in Loket we will be holding races from the series of EMX300, EMX150 and Women's MX.

Already very attractive GP races will bring you, in conjunction with EMX and WMX races, unprecedented spactacle. We hope you won´t miss this unique and wonderful experience!

We are looking forward to see you here,
members of AMK Loket

Starting gate again on it's right place

The biggest change for the year 2015 is moving starting gate to it's previous location. Starting gate will be more accessible for all spectators again!

Loket motocross - start




25. - 26.7.2015Saturday + Sunday€55
up to 100cm
both daysFREE
up to 150cm
both days€5
Paddockboth days€10

Tickets are only available at the track during GP. Tickets aren't available online. You can pay in Euros or in Czech crowns (CZK).


Loketské Serpentiny
35733 Loket, Czech Republic
(Loket near Karlovy Vary)

PLEASE NOTE: for easy access to our track follow map of access roads. Use EXIT 131 on the R6 highway.

MAPS: Track map | Arrival map


(only provisory)

EMX 150 Free/Time practice08:00
EMX 300 Free/Time practice - Group 108:35
EMX 300 Free/Time practice - Group 209:10
Women Free practice09:45
MX2 Free practice10:15
MXGP Free practice10:45
Women Time practice11:15
EMX 300 Last chance qualifying race12:20
(20 minutes + 2 laps)
EMX 150 Race 113:20
(20 minutes + 2 laps)
MX2 Time practice14:00
MXGP Time practice14:35
Women Race 115:20
(20 minutes + 2 laps)
MX2 Qualifying Race16:10
(20 minutes + 2 laps)
MXGP Qualifying Race17:00
(20 minutes + 2 laps)
EMX 300 Race 117:40
(25 minutes + 2 laps)
SUNDAY (26.7.2015) - GP RACE
Women Warm-up08:20
EMX 150 Warm-up08:40
EMX 300 Warm-up09:00
MX2 Warm-up09:15
MXGP Warm-up09:40
Women Race 210:30
(20 minutes + 2 laps)
EMX 150 Race 211:15
(20 minutes + 2 laps)
EMX300 Race 212:00
(25 minutes + 2 laps)
MX2 Grand Prix, Race 113:15
(30 minutes + 2 laps)
MXGP Grand Prix, Race 114:15
(30 minutes + 2 laps)
MX2 Grand Prix, Race 216:10
(30 minutes + 2 laps)
MXGP Grand Prix, Race 217:10
(30 minutes + 2 laps)


For accommodation you can see following internet portals of nearest towns:

You can use our camping place located very close to our track and equipped with:

  • drinking water
  • supply water
  • WC

Camping place will be open from Thursday 23.7.2015.


You can park Your car close to the track on secured parking place. There is also separated secured parking place for motorbikes.

For more informations (calendars, results, photos, etc.) about whole Motocross FIM World Championship you can visit: